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Alumni Alliance
South Shore High School

In November 2015, the name of “South Shore” International College Prep (SSICP) was in jeopardy of being lost. This proposal came during a  Local School Council (LSC) meeting. Once word spread about the proposal, many alumni of South Shore High School rallied in opposition of the name change during the following LSC meeting held in December 2015 which became known as the "No Name Change Movement."  Because of the overwhelming support from alumni and community members, we believe the proposal to change the name of “South Shore” was withdrawn at the next LSC meeting in January 2016.

Now, as alumni, we asked "Why would someone try to change the name of South Shore and what can we do to prevent it from happening again?" Although there were many answers to the question, a group of alumni united to protect the integrity of South Shore High School's legacy and history as well as support SSICP's administration, students, and programs.  From that group, the "Alumni Alliance of South Shore High School Chicago" aka "Alumni Alliance of South Shore Chicago" aka "AASSC" pronounce "ask" was birthed in February 2016. 

 AASSC is the premier alumni organization of South Shore High School where all alumni voices can be heard. AASSC encourage alumni participation in all alumni related affairs because it is critical to the success of the many things we hope to do and accomplish. AASSC doesn't just celebrate alumni; we also celebrate our students by providing them with scholarships to assist with student fees, college application fees, graduation fees, etc. to name a few. AASSC is also preparing to provide support through mentoring, tutoring, job shadowing as well as community service opportunities to the student.